Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part Two

January 3, 2011

In this short video watch the sculptor carve the ear of his Baby Elephant during which time he had an enforced six week break because of the artic conditions in Scotland. See also Part Three and the final episode – Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant sculpture Part Four. Go to the right hand margin […]

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Baby Elephant in a Snowstorm

December 23, 2010

Baby Elephant – granite sculpture in progress. Location – Cramond Kirk grounds, Edinburgh – December 2010. Due to adverse weather conditions over the past few weeks the progress of the Baby Elephant has been curbed – hence one very frustrated sculptor! However he hopes to return to work as soon as he possibly can. Tweet

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Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part One

October 31, 2010

This short video follows the sculptor in search of a stone in the quarry and back to Cramond Kirk his place of work. Includes unique footage of the sculptor in action carving granite. See three further episodes – Ronald Rae returns to carving granite Parts Two and Three and Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant […]

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Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part Three

October 7, 2010

This third video at The Falkirk Wheel features two additions to the exhibition – Wild Boar and Mother and Child. The sculptor also talks passionately about Heavy Horse and Foal, Dung Beetle and two endangered species Elephant Family and Tyger Tyger.The Wild Boar and Tyger Tyger have since been sold and moved to their new […]

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Lions Clubs International meet at The Lion of Scotland Edinburgh

September 29, 2010

The Lions Clubs President, Sid Scruggs from North Carolina was in Edinburgh during September for the Lions Club International annual Board Meeting and to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Lions Clubs in the British Isles and Ireland. This short video records a more informal meeting with some of the Scottish Lions at Ronald Rae’s […]

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Ronald Rae visits his earliest sculptures at Rozelle Park Ayr

August 29, 2010

In this recent film Ronald Rae talks about his granite sculptures sited at Rozelle Park Ayr which portray The Tragic Sacrifice of Christ. The granite for the centre piece, The Deposition, came from Kirkmabreck Quarry in Creetown. This was his first monumental work. The granite for the remaining sculptures came from the Old Harbour wall […]

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Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part Two

August 21, 2010

This second video of Ronald Rae’s magnificent exhibition at The Falkirk Wheel features five of his animal sculptures two of which are endangered species and one a cloned creature. Since filming Tyger Tyger and Sheep on a Crag have found permanent homes. Part Three will cover the remaining sculptures. Tweet

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Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part One

August 11, 2010

Ronald Rae now has ten sculptures on exhibition at The Falkirk Wheel in Central Scotland where the Forth, Clyde and Union Canals meet. The exhibition is free.The Falkirk Wheel is the world’s first and only rotating boat lift, a masterpiece in engineering. In this video Ronald Rae talks about his most poignant works in the […]

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Ronald Rae with his sculptures on the Isle of Eriska

July 27, 2010

Ronald Rae has two sculptures, the Horse and Highland Cow, sited on the beautiful Isle of Eriska in Argyll. Each sculpture has a unique setting – the Horse is on the edge of the nine hole golfcourse with the stunning back drop of Loch Linnhe, and on the wilder west side of the island with […]

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Ronald Rae visits his Fallen Christ Sculpture on Iona

July 20, 2010

Not everyone manages to go to Iona because of the long journeys involved – from the mainland of Scotland it requires two ferry journeys and 40 miles on a one track road through Mull. It is said of Iona that it is a hard place to get to and an equally hard place to leave. […]

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Ronald Rae opens Creetown School project

July 6, 2010

On Tuesday 29th June 2010 Ronald Rae opened Creetown Primary School project – Time in our Environment. This was a great honour for him as it was in Creetown’s famous quarry, when he was 18 years of age, that he found his first monumental granite stone that became the Deposition of Christ, now sited at […]

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Ronald Rae Finds A New Stone

June 22, 2010

Ronald Rae has been back to Corrennie Quarry in search of a new stone. This short video taken in the quarry shows where his creativity begins. It is some time since he has carved and he wonders if his body will withstand the punishment of another stone. However his obsession to carve granite has always […]

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Baby Boar returns to Aberdeen

June 9, 2010

Ronald Rae’s Baby Boar sculpture returned to Aberdeen on 14th June 2010. It has been bought by JD Wetherspoon for their new restaurant and beer garden at Aberdeen Airport. The sculpture is sited in the beer garden and quickly become a talking point for visitors while they enjoy a snack and await their flights. It […]

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Arriving in St Andrew Square

April 26, 2010

Granite 8x17x6ft 20.00 tonnes. For sale. Location: St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. Scroll down for short video of the move. On Sunday 25th April 2010 the Lion of Scotland sculpture left Holyrood Park after four years and made the mile long journey to its new city centre venue at St Andrew Square Garden where it will […]

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Lion Being Washed

April 21, 2010

Granite 8x17x6ft 20.00 tons. Location: Now in St Andrew Square Garden. The controversial 20 tonne Lion of Scotland granite sculpture that has been a landmark in Holyrood Park for the past four years moved on Sunday 25th April to St Andrew Square Garden in the city centre. In response to thousands of Lion supporters, Ronald […]

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Art In The Community – Creetown School Project

March 18, 2010

Creetown School In March 2010 I had an interesting phone call from the head teacher of Creetown School in south west Scotland. The pupils were working on a major project called Time in our Environment. Part of the project was to erect a granite “Stonehenge” in the playground, each upright representing how Creetown granite had […]

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Rae In His Studio

November 4, 2009

Ronald Rae is not only a renowned granite sculptor, he is also a prolific and versatile graphic artist. His ability to draw was recognised whilst still at school when a series of his cartoon strips was published in the weekly newspaper, the Ayr Advertiser. For the past fifty years Rae has developed his drawing skills […]

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Rae at Cramond

September 28, 2009

In April 2009 Ronald Rae’s 8 tonne fish was sited on the waterfront at Cramond, the result of a successful fund raising campaign by the local community entitled “Chip in for the Cramond Fish”. The project was supported by the Cramond Community Council, the Cramond Association, the City of Edinburgh Council, Cramond Kirk, local businesses […]

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Rae’s Lion of Scotland at Holyrood

June 19, 2008

Lion of Scotland at Holyrood

The Lion of Scotland left Holyrood on 25th April 2010 and is now sited in St Andrew Square Garden for the next year.

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