Ronald Rae’s endangered species on exhibition at Edinburgh Airport

Two dynamic sculptures of a Baby Elephant and a Gorilla Family arrived at Edinburgh Airport’s new plaza on Tuesday 4th August 2015 in time to welcome visitors to the world famous Edinburgh Festival.

The granite sculptures were carved by the renowned Scottish sculptor Ronald Rae. They were exhibited on the plaza between the East Terminal and the Tram Terminus for three months.

Ronald Rae, who is best known for his 20 tonne Lion of Scotland on loan to St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, said

“I am delighted to show my latest works at Edinburgh Airport. The new plaza is an ideal place for outdoor art where travellers can engage with the sculptures, take photos and sit with a coffee. I am particularly thrilled about the site for the Baby Elephant next to Africa on the World Map on the tarmac. It makes a powerful statement about the plight of elephants in the wild and all endangered species. What better place to think about these important conservation issues than at an airport which links us all.”

The 3 tonne Baby Elephant is Rae’s eighth elephant sculpture. Many baby elephants are left orphans as their parents are killed for their tusks making them even more vulnerable. Ronald Rae has captured this feeling in his sculpture. The Baby Elephant moved from the plaza to the West End in Edinburgh where it is currently on exhibition.

The 7 tonne Gorilla Family shows a mother gorilla looking apprehensive as she protects her twins. The Gorilla Family has now joined the Ronald Rae Exhibition at the Falkirk Wheel.

To see other Ronald Rae sculptures in Edinburgh visit St Andrew Square, the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, St. John’s Church and the beach at Cramond.


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