Fallen Christ and Cow

Fallen Christ and Cow sculpture by Ronald Rae

Granite 5x8x7ft 7.00 tonnes. Location: Isle of Iona.

The site for the Fallen Christ sculpture on Iona is on land where sheep and cattle freely graze. This touching photo of a cow nuzzling Christ’s head was captured by David Coleman of the Iona Community. It was published on the cover of the Coracle, magazine of the Iona Community accompanied by this poem by Ruth Burgess.

If I listen
I can hear
what you are thinking
share what you are feeling
let your pain touch me
be amazed by your love…

Even in stone
you speak
you breathe

To see a short video about this sculpture go to Latest News on the right hand column of this page and click on Ronald Rae visits his Fallen Christ sculpture on Iona.

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