Ronald Rae Finds A New Stone

Ronald Rae has been back to Corrennie Quarry in search of a new stone. This short video taken in the quarry shows where his creativity begins. It is some time since he has carved and he wonders if his body will withstand the punishment of another stone. However his obsession to carve granite has always overcome this. The heat of the summer is not the time to start, however when the time is right the progress of the sculpture will be recorded on the website. Keep in touch with Ronald Rae’s activities by clicking on News at the top of our Home page.

4 thoughts on “Ronald Rae Finds A New Stone”

  1. A wonderful piece of film showing the sculptor’s passion and the place where he sources his stone – a piece of history which will be valued by posterity one day!

    1. Thank you Gail. I think it is important to see where it all begins. It is in the quarry where his creativity begins choosing a stone that suggests what he will carve. You can see the charge that he gets when he finds the right stone. It is with the same passion that he carves the stone.

  2. finally got to see this magnificant film of Ronald in the quarry….choosing a new stone, the echos from his voice recording his passion in time,its like he’s talking to his ancestors.. I felt the blocks were watching him with a life of their own…I think the energy from the stones help him. They do that for me. I remember skinning my thumb in a sandstone quarry, I poured stonedust in the cut and it healed in two days,I should have really had stitches..

    1. Thank you Shawn. You are right – the stones in the quarry seem to be alive. Ronald states vehemently that rather than he finding the right stone – the stone finds him. Then he has a “dialogue” with the stone in the quarry to find out what it wants to be. Re. your torn thumb in the quarry, lovely to think that the stone that hurt you also healed you.

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