Ronald Rae visits his Cramond Fish

This short video celebrates the third anniversary of Ronald Rae’s Fish being sited on the beach at Cramond. Join the sculptor on a walk along the River Almond to the Cramond estuary and along the foreshore to the Fish.

10 thoughts on “Ronald Rae visits his Cramond Fish”

  1. Ronnie’s visit, on foot and on bicycle, to the Cramond Fish, sets the sculpture firmly where it now belongs – in our community. Children clamber on it, while a lady and her dog linger suspiciously near but without apparently marking their territory. Perhaps in a couple of thousand years, the Fish, like the Cramond Lion before it, the work of an unknown Roman sculptor, will have washed into the river and been lost. It may be less surprising for a future generation to find the Fish than the Lion. If the internet survives or has left its traces in the historical record, this video will tell the story of the Fish, the community setting and the exuberant sculptor! Rock on!

    1. Thank you David for your comments. Goodness knows what the long term destiny of the Fish will be. Already the high tides and gale force winds of last year have changed its position of sitting comfortably on the sand to being more exposed on its concrete base. Granite, being one of the hardest stones in the world will endure, therefore it is unlikely it will ever be “washed into the river” like the Cramond Lion, but no one can predict the force of Nature! Whatever, your words have inspired the sculptor! So watch this space…

    1. Thank you Gail. I loved making this video. Cramond is one of our most favourite places and it is an ideal setting for the Fish. We couldn’t be happier about it.

  2. A lovely film, linking the sculptor, his work, the seascape and the community. Well done , Pauline and Ronnie.
    Love from Malcolm & Lesley

  3. We agree completely with the comments made by Malc and Lesley. It must be a great feeling to know that your efforts have made the world a bit richer place. Many thanks, with love from the McKirdy family.

  4. So delighted to learn (belatedly?) of the fish’s permanent and so appropriate location and what a great effort by the community to purchase it. Perhaps an inspiration to other would-be purchasers?
    I am looking forward to getting on my own bike to cycle to Cramond.

    1. Thank you Lesley. Yes, it was a wonderful effort by the Cramond Community – means it is their Fish. And what better way to visit it than by bicycle along the promenade, especially on a day like this – May 20th 2012 – sunny with blue skies!

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