Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part Two

This second video of Ronald Rae’s magnificent exhibition at The Falkirk Wheel features five of his animal sculptures two of which are endangered species and one a cloned creature. Since filming Tyger Tyger and Sheep on a Crag have found permanent homes. Part Three will cover the remaining sculptures.

3 thoughts on “Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part Two”

    1. Thank you Shawn. There are so many animals and birds that are now endangered. If we don’t look after them, they will all become extinct – then it will be our turn!

  1. I agree with Shawn — Ronald Rae’s sculpture reminds us, with great poignancy, of the other creatures with which we share our world. The way in which he brings these animals out of the stone, and shows their state and their danger to us, is mind-blowing. I was blown away as always by the manner in which he used the granite’s own lines, natural details and power to show special parts such as the feathers of the vulture. Also, how he keeps the natural split and drill holes, bringing them into the sculptures with great meaning. He says in the vulture piece that it needed some explaining, but in fact the piece speaks for itself — although of course it is wonderful to hear the sculptor speak about his own works. It adds an extra dimension, to see the man himself beside the stones into which he poured some of his soul. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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