Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part Three

In this third video the sculptor discusses his tools and technique for carving granite. Gradually the baby elephant is emerging from the stone, the trunk and ears now completed and the legs and body being formed.
See also the final video Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant sculpture Part Four. Go to right hand margin to Latest News on Video for the link.

14 thoughts on “Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part Three”

  1. What a lovely video – it is, in itself, an art piece , Pauline. The changing quality of light and landscape, the background sound of aircraft, birdsong and voices behind Ronald’s words as he strikes the granite with a tungsten tool, all, wonderfully frame the emerging figure of Baby Elephant imaged in the stone. Thank you for sharing insights and thoughts about your process of sculpting work and thank you for sharing the making of this sculpture. With best wishes for this opus.

  2. It’s really great to see Ronnie back to work on the baby elephant again – it must be very tiring physically as well as mentally, he really deserves his beer at the end of the day! Surprising how much difference water makes to the colour of the stone. He has made a great deal of progress since the last episode and we are looking forward to the next video! Many thanks again for sharing this experience with us.

    1. Thank you McKirdy family for this feedback. Glad you are enjoying the progress of the Baby Elephant as it gradually emerges from the stone. And isn’t it incredible how hard one is prepared to work for a couple of beers!

  3. The elephant is emerging beautifully! This is the best video I’ve seen so far for displaying the sheer strength required by Ronnie to produce his work. Hearing that tungsten tool sparking off the granite is quite awe-inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Gail. We are pleased to hear that you like the sculpture and enjoyed this video. I am only an amateur with a camera but if it gets the message over that’s great.

  4. It’s great to see you back working in granite again Ronnie, I enjoy watching the life form taking shape as you put so much energy into it. Best wishes to you and Pauline and I look forward to watching your progress. From John and Hazel. Carlisle.

    1. Good to hear from you. Next time you are in Scotland visit the Baby Elephant in situ behind Cramond Kirk. It is there to be viewed 24/7. Come and see us too.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your process with us. I can’t begin to explain how inspiring this work is to me. I have been searching for the right medium for years and I think this is it. I have always tried to commune with the spirit of the stone, wood etc… but I think the combination of the extremely hard granite with the hand tools is perfect for me. I believe it will force a slower pace and the relationship/conversation with the stone I need to practice. I just wonder how my neighbors will take the noise?? Thank you so much again. Oh, and if you ever come to Canada Pints are on me!

    1. Thank you Jody. Ronald is touched by your email and will hold you to that pint if he makes it to Canada! Keep in touch and let us know how you get on with granite. To Ronald it is the most beautiful stone in the world.

  6. Enjoyed the videos Pauline. You exude a great sense of communion with the stone Ronnie – a sort of respectful battle of wills where the granite is determined to conceal its riches and you are equally determined to release that baby elephant as it shifts between minds eye and stone’s heart.
    I mean to try and see it soon.
    Enjoyed meeting you both at Castle Douglas.
    Granite Man, Respect.

    1. We enjoyed meeting you too Joe, and seeing your wonderful slate sculptural water feature at the NTS Threave Gardens. Quite beautiful and what a setting! if you are coming to Edinburgh to see the Baby Elephant sculpture please let us know in advance and we can meet again. Best wishes till then.

  7. Hi Ronnie and Polly, have followed all your latest works with great interest, god bless you both.
    Lots of love John and Hazel.

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