Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part Two

In this short video watch the sculptor carve the ear of his Baby Elephant during which time he had an enforced six week break because of the artic conditions in Scotland.
See also Part Three and the final episode – Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant sculpture Part Four. Go to the right hand margin under Latest News on Video for the links.

12 thoughts on “Ronald Rae returns to carving granite – Part Two”

  1. Delighted to see the boy back in harness Pauline and wonderful to see this vibrant baby elephant emerging from its frozen form. I can sense the life already and the eyes are beautifully positioned. I once watched my naive husband approach a baby elephant in the African Bush holding our infant daughter in his arms. He was so intent in drawing Emma’s attention to it that he did not see the mother approach from the side. I have never prayed so fervently in my life and Emma is now 46 so they lived to tell the tale! Bless you both in your Creations.
    Love and Peace….Maggi xxx

    1. Thank you Maggi for your kind response. Talking about your experience in the African bush, I would not be surprised if the mother elephant keeping an eye of her young was also aware of your daughter Emma being a baby too, elephants being so attuned to the family. They are just like us in that respect. We all learn from each other. Isn’t Nature wonderful! Love and Peace to you too.

  2. Great to see art in the making! It’s such hard work and requires such energy! It’s obviously life’s blood to Ronnie and more power to his elbow! xxx

    1. Thank you Gail. Carving seems as natural to Ronnie as breathing and he seems to have been given the energy from somewhere to do it! Support from friends like you helps too.

  3. Great to see the baby emerging from the stone and its creator working with such vigorous elegance!
    Happy New Year to you both, Ronnie and Pauline.
    Love from Malcolm & Lesley

  4. Wonderful to see how the facial features emerge from the stone! Not sure about your weather but our forecast is for another ‘big snow’ tonight – let’s hope the experts are wrong this time and roll on springtime! Happy New Year and love from the McKirdy family.

    1. This is where modern technology works – when it helps us to share our lives with those far afield. Glad you are enjoying the birth of the Baby Elephant. Hope you are coping with the snow. It makes the world even more beautiful but has its problems.

  5. Pour a wee dram of whisky over the granite and the elephant might come to life!!!without too much effort…… then you can sculpt a kiwi bird.
    With much love and friendship from Val and Gib Barron..New Zealand

    1. Great to hear from you. We often think about our trip to NZ which inspired many of Ronnie’s Mixed Media artworks such as Bird and Fish. See on the website.

  6. Ronald, I really enjoyed this video! As a sculptor also, I definitely identify with your feeling “terrified” at times. But we press on, don’t we? The baby elephant is just adorable! I’ll check out some of your other videos and posts on your site. Keep on carving!

    1. Thank you Carol. Your words inspire me to go on. I have looked at your website too – you are very gifted. I say the same to you Keep on carving!

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