Ronald Rae’s Baby Elephant at the West End Edinburgh

To  see unique footage of the creation of the Baby Elephant go to the right margin at LATEST NEWS ON VIDEO scroll down to Ronald Rae returns to carving granite Parts One, Two, Three to its completion in Part Four.

6 thoughts on “Ronald Rae’s Baby Elephant at the West End Edinburgh”

  1. Great to see the baby elephant in place — will be sure to visit next time in Edinburgh with the grandchildren. What an important message for them.
    With love to you both.

  2. Wow, This baby elephant looks as if it was miraculously dropped from heaven on high, what a wonderful place for it. Tears immediately popped from my eyes. It went straight to the heart. As it so touchingly sprung from your own heart. Perfect timing too, so much on TV with a strong focus on baby elephants. The passion of your work, your strength coupled with your tenderness.
    And, I looked at your drawings, Bible drawings and illustrations……. Which I had not seen before —
    What outstanding talent , the spectrum of your technique, rendition, subtle observation and your compassion for humanity. You highlight important things that we humans could pass by. e.g the down and outs.
    The only problem is the lack of due recognition for work of this calibre, which you so deserve — Is this because it takes an aware and sensitive human being who themselves can match this tremendous feeling that you and your work express — to be able to understand. People in the Art World — who will fight to have your voice heard, your work seen, as you quite rightly say before it’s too late.
    No wonder Pauline serves this work with such dedication it is so extremely rare to come across such artistic depth.
    In homage to you Ronnie and you Pauline…. Chiara Schilska Daughter of sculptor Eric Schilsky RA RSA

    1. Oh thank you Chiara! You truly understand Ronnie’s work and how the world is. He blesses you for your kind words and so do I. As the daughter of the renowned sculptor Eric Schilsky you have been surrounded by great art all your life so your opinion means a lot to us. Love and hugs.

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