Ronald Rae’s Heavy Horse and Foal at Crinan

In August 2012 Ronald Rae’s Heavy Horse and Foal moved to the Crinan Canal in Argyll where it was on loan to Scottish Canals for three years. It was such a perfect setting for the sculpture – the Heavy Horse and Foal at Lock 14 – there to welcome all the boats that pass through the Canal. However the sculpture has now returned to the Falkirk Wheel to join the Ronald Rae Exhibition of ten sculptures. Open all year – free admission.

The Heavy Horse and Foal took the sculptor over a year to be carve using hand tools only. The granite comes from Aberdeeenshire and has been dated over 460 million years old. For sale.

7 thoughts on “Ronald Rae’s Heavy Horse and Foal at Crinan”

  1. seeing this video the foal and tender mother
    instantly brought tears

    full of love it is
    as you and Pauline both are

    fondest love and appreciation Chiara Schilska

  2. I very much hope that the splendid Heavy Horse and Foal may have found their permanent home – such a wonderful and appropriate setting for these most charismatic of animals. All good wishes.

  3. This man never ceases to amaze me. His joyous love of life and this universe imbue everything he does and says. Watching this video is a wonderful experience. Bless him and all his works. Ian.

  4. Hi Ronnie,

    Another great addition to your collection, you are the boy in the man I knew so well, god bless you and Polly and keep doing what you enjoy.
    Best wishes from John and Hazel.

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