Heavy Horse and Foal

Heavy Horse and Foal

Granite: 7x10x5ft 10.00 tons. Location: The Falkirk Wheel. For Sale.

Heavy Horse and Foal

The Heavy Horse and Foal took the sculptor over a year to carve using hand tools only. The pink Corrennie granite comes from Aberdeenshire and has been dated at 460 million years old. The sculpture was on loan to the Crinan Canal for three years. If you wish to know more about this unique work please email pauline@ronaldrae.co.uk

The sculpture celebrates horses being part of the heritage of canals remembered for pulling the barges before the Industrial Revolution. The Heavy Horse and Foal also expresses the love of animals for their young.

To see a short video of the sculpture being installed at Crinan where it was on exhibition for three years go to the right margin, under Latest News on Video click on Ronald Rae’s Heavy Horse and Foal at Crinan.

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