Ronald Rae carves his Gorilla Part Two

Watch the progress of Ronald Rae’s seven tonne Gorilla sculpture during the past ten weeks. The heat of the summer deterred him from working as often as he would have liked.
Gradually the gorilla is emerging from the stone with the surprise of a baby gorilla too!

4 thoughts on “Ronald Rae carves his Gorilla Part Two”

  1. The Gorilla is looking fantastic! Love the fact that Ronnie found the baby in the stone. What a great grouping it should make. May Ronnie find the strength he needs to conclude this work.

  2. What a wonderful surprise to find the baby Gorilla in the mother’s arm – it looks beautiful already! We are all hoping that Ronnie is finding it easier to work now in the cooler environment and are looking forward to the next video episode.

    1. Thank you McKirdy family for this kind response – if only the weather was cooler. It is still very warm here at the beginning of October but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for carving.

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