Ronald Rae carving a Gorilla June 2013

See Ronald Rae begin his latest carving of a Gorilla yet another endangered species. The seven tonne granite stone came from the woods next to Dalbeattie Quarry. He reckons the stone was quarried 150 years ago and has been waiting for him all that time. The video shows his progress over the past two weeks.

12 thoughts on “Ronald Rae carving a Gorilla June 2013”

  1. Wondrous and beautiful how quickly this gorilla comes to life.
    It is as if it is watching you carve
    As if it has always been there
    And you have the depth to acknowledge it, see it and allow it to reveal
    Oh wise ancient gorilla Welcome to this world
    and Dearest Ronnie may the almighty source fuel you, oil you and care for you
    as you bring forth this magic presence chiara

    1. Dear Chiara, thank you for your very beautiful response to the video. Your kind words will help him to keep going for a long long time.

  2. I can’t believe it either! I thought Ronnie was going to retire from granite sculpture! But it is exciting for all of us, to see the face of the gorilla and the shape forming. Can’t wait to see the finished artwork.

    1. Ronnie thought he had retired too but has missed carving so much. After seeing this stone in Dalbeattie last year he couldn’t get it out of his mind and eventually decided that life is too short and he had to go for it! He made the right decision – the stone was waiting to be carved.

  3. Fantastic news that Ronnie is working in stone again, another masterpiece in granite and such a powerful yet friendly Gorilla. Good luck from all your friends at Scottish Canals.

  4. Delighted to know that rumours of Ronnie’s retiral were greatly exaggerated. Looks in fine form and gaining strength from the emerging gorilla! We were delighted to find the Horse and Foal looking wonderful in the sunshine at Crinan on our visit there 2 weeks ago–will send you a picture.
    Love from Malcolm & Lesley

    1. Thank you Malcolm and Lesley. Ronnie thought he could live without granite in his life but he couldn’t! Now as happy as a sandboy! Although he has a sore thumb – not from hitting it with the hammer – but from arthritis! So taking some time off before he returns to the fray. Glad you made it to Crinan to see the Heavy Horse and Foal. Thanks for the pic. Love and hugs.

  5. Great to see Ronnie back at work again! Amazing how quickly the Gorilla appears. We are all looking forward to seeing how progress is made. Love from the McKirdy family.

    1. Thank you McKirdy Family. Ronnie has been given the strength from above to carve another sculpture. He is blessed! I believe congratulations are in order for you too with another addition to your family! Love to you all.

  6. Ian Hughes Smith. July 5. This guy is just wonderful and how wonderful it is that he should share some of his God given inspiration with the rest of us. It is quite amazing to watch him at work and see a different form of life being imbued into this colossal chunk of granite.

    It is like magic but like all true artists, it comes at a price. Hard slogging work ,doubtless after much thought. Creativity on this scale is so amazing. All the rest of us poor mortals can do is thank God that he has given Ronnie the inspiration and strength to turn a piece of ancient granite into an image of an endangered species.

    More videos please.


    1. Thank you Ian. Your words give great encouragement to Ronnie. He has been given the strength to carve granite but he says he can’t do things that other people do easily. For example Ronnie he can’t grow roses like yours! We are all given gifts and just have to find out what it is and do one’s best. Best wishes and love.

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