Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part One

Ronald Rae now has ten sculptures on exhibition at The Falkirk Wheel in Central Scotland where the Forth, Clyde and Union Canals meet. The exhibition is free.The Falkirk Wheel is the world’s first and only rotating boat lift, a masterpiece in engineering. In this video Ronald Rae talks about his most poignant works in the exhibition. Two of the five sculptures in this video are no longer at the Wheel. St.Francis moved to the NTS Threave Gardens near Dalbeattie on temporary loan. Due to the generosity of NTS members George and Sue Thomas it will now be remaining at Threave indefinitely. Man of Sorrows has been bought by a private collector down south.

6 thoughts on “Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part One”

  1. This is wonderful, wonderful. Visitors to the Wheel are very lucky — but so are we, in being able to hear what the sculptor himself has to say and see him touch the stones with such love. All of the pieces are amazing and can be gazed at for so long whilst bringing fresh thoughts to mind; I have to say that amongst a stunning line-up of sculptures, St. Francis holds his own… What an amazing vision, as I look at those two rocks welded together by Nature and see their story teased out of them by the sculptor’s chisel… uplifting and a true marvel. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Carolyn and so glad you are enjoying this insight to the sculptures and the reason for their making. And no one can explain it better than the artist himself.

  2. A wonderful film of Ronnie and his sculptures .
    As always, so moving and we are so pleased and honoured to know you both Pauline .
    With love ,
    Laura and Pallon .

    1. Glad you liked the film – I couldn’t go wrong with such powerful material – Ronald Rae and his emotive granite sculptures. And we are so pleased and honoured to know you too, dear Laura and Pallon.

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