Ronald Rae with his sculptures on the Isle of Eriska

Ronald Rae has two sculptures, the Horse and Highland Cow, sited on the beautiful Isle of Eriska in Argyll. Each sculpture has a unique setting – the Horse is on the edge of the nine hole golfcourse with the stunning back drop of Loch Linnhe, and on the wilder west side of the island with distant views of the mountains of Mull, the Highland Cow is never alone having two donkeys for friends. Guests who stay in the five star Isle of Eriska Hotel are fortunate enough to have a private view of the sculptures whilst playing a round of golf or on one of the many Nature walks round the 300 acre island.

4 thoughts on “Ronald Rae with his sculptures on the Isle of Eriska”

  1. It’s just so wonderful to see these sculptures in a setting that suits them so well! And it’s great to see the artist himself there with them. Love the donkeys!

    1. Yes, Carolyn, both sculptures have such appropriate settings – the Horse, often with a backdrop of white horses on the loch, and the Highland Cow in the wilder setting of rough ground with the donkeys for company. It couldn’t be better.

  2. Wow, what a magnificent sculpture in granite…its like looking at the soul of a horse …and there for a million years…the highland cow…looks like its been there for a 10 thousand years..awesome to think how he sculpted these by hand. There must have been a great energy around when they were being released from the stone.

    1. Thank you Shawn. I agree the Horse sculpture is pure spirit. And like the Highland Cow – timeless. And yes, it did take a whole lot of energy to carve them by hand – an energy that seems to have been given to him.

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