Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant sculpture Part Four

In this final video of the creation of the Baby Elephant we share the motivation of the sculptor and the joy that the Baby Elephant brought to the families who arrived on the scene just as it was finished.

To see the whole process of making this sculpture from selecting the stone in the quarry to its completion go to the right hand margin and under the heading Latest News on Video click on Ronald Rae returns to carving granite Parts One,Two and Three.

10 thoughts on “Ronald Rae completes his Baby Elephant sculpture Part Four”

  1. Ronnie, Pauline,
    Wonderful – and especially wonderful when you can dedicate it to your father. I am sure he was very proud of you, Ronnie. I have enjoyed it since first you put a chisel to it and it sits there so perfectly in the beautiful surroundings of trees, greenery and Cramond Kirk! You must feel fulfilled having produced another perfect work of art which will last into the unforseeable future – long after any of us. Thank you Ronnie.
    Kindest regards and best wishes to both of you.

    1. Thank you Margaret for your beautiful thoughts and appreciation. Everyone thinks Ronnie should feel fulfilled at the end of a sculpture but in actual fact because he has lived with the sculpture in his mind for all these months, what he feels now is a sense of loss, although he is grateful that he managed to do it.

  2. We both enjoyed and were moved by this tribute to Ronnie, to his inspirational work and to Ronnie’s father. What a brilliant idea to record the creation of this work over so many months.
    With love
    Malcolm & Lesley

    1. Dear Malcolm and Lesley, Ronnie is very touched by your response especially for this work as it is like an epitaph for his father. Modern technology greatly helped in the making of the videos enabling us to share the creation of the sculpture with our friends at home and abroad, which reminds me – have a good trip to NZ!

  3. This final video of the creation of the Baby Elephant is so beautiful and moving that it is difficult to find words that could do justice. How wonderful to take rock which is millions of years old and from it create a work of art and an epitaph which will last for countless millions more years. We are grateful to you for sharing this experience with us. With love from the McKirdy family.

    1. Dear McKirdy Family, Ronnie thanks you wholeheartedly for your kind words. You will never know how much it means to him. With such encouragement he might even end up going back to the quarry before the summer’s over! Love to you all.

  4. That is SO wonderful, thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I loved seeing Ronnie at work like that and of course the stone — it is marvellous. the setting too, you have got the balance with nature there beautifully. Hugs Carolyn

  5. mmm want to make that one!
    here we are ,in dalbeattie doing things too! i’ve found buddah and jesus hiding in a piece of my old workshop. the block was lying there after they demolished the building, obviously it was meant to be!
    bought a couple of new punches and just got in about it, best thing i ever did listening tae a maun fae ayrshire! needed that power tae the elbae , worked like a charm…
    peter (and rupinder ,the other power in me life)

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