You say that you are finished with being a revolutionary

You say that you are finished with being a revolutionary
But what about the whistle in your pocket who is going to play it
God knows the madness in this world has need of such a whistle
Look what we are making of life a parade of willing and unwilling skeletons
You and your whistle I think it’s time for you to empty your pockets
What can it arouse that is not faith in ourselves
Playing your whistle to a world that needs it
A simple tune played on a simple instrument
Unlike the man who offers nothing of himself to the world
Your music whether he likes it or not will be continually filling his pockets
Here under the wilderness tree the world’s tree
Who is to say that this uncertain world won’t follow you or listen to you
As on a good day conscience comes not to accuse but to console
Is it not to the fruit-pickers we should look
Who from under their belts is slackened a good coupling
Love and love again a country is being born
So if you can put ears and eyes to it
Take your whistle and move forward
The ground you stand on take it step by step
Tremendous times you have a revolution
At your fingertips and in your mouth

Ronald Rae

2 thoughts on “You say that you are finished with being a revolutionary”

  1. THANK YOU oh my that is superb, so much to think about as you read each line and then absorb it as a whole… Ronald really knows how to bring the images straight to the heart… ((((hugs))))

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