The Lion’s Return To Holyrood by Dr Donald Smith

The Lion’s Return To Holyrood – Dr Donald Smith

Hey big man, whit’s yer gemme?
Loupin intae Holyrood, snugglin doon
wi yer flowin mane aa curled.
Lik ye aye bidit here?
Ye’re granite set no volcanic lava
but the dormant hump o Arthur’s Seat
the verra double o yer- rump.
Lion o Scotlan ye’re back oan side noo-
whit a camsteerie stramash.
Twenty ton’ll no be easy shiftit.
Oan yersel big yin, lat oot a roar,
ye’ll rouse the whaill leevin warl.
For noo ye’re restin soond
weill come hame, beast o hert an saul
King o strength an peace.

Dr Donald Smith – Director of the Scottish Story Telling Centre

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