The road is packed with people who do not want to leave

The road is packed with people leaving who do not want to leave
There are no pilgrims here – today is not a holy day or a holy war
The amount to be frozen has turned bread hard as bricks
A city is on the move if you are here you are here for each other
The voice the one voice that you hear it comes from
What lies around the next corner
It comes from crowds of people worried about the future for their children
The voice of anonymity the voice of two eyes
Listen to it as it lights a fire for the night
Fantastic that those sitting around it
No one talks of the road they have left behind
Except that is when they awake to a cold dawn
With bricks for bread there is a look in the eye that says
No matter what happens now this time tomorrow
On the shoulders of no matter who will be the one word
That word like the sun coming up will move us forward

Ronald Rae

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