Cramond Fish in Storm

Granite 7x10x6ft 8.00 tons. Location: Cramond Waterfront

This spectacular photo of the Cramond Fish facing the elements of a Spring high tide and gale force winds was taken by John Dods of The Cramond Association.

It is now three years since the Cramond Fish was installed on the beach. It has turned out to be a most exciting location for the sculpture due to the ever changing light and the varying tide levels as evident from this recent photo compared to the sunny day when it was inaugurated.

To see a short video about this sculpture on the day it was inaugurated go to Links on the right hand column of this page and click on The Cramond Association.

2 thoughts on “Cramond Fish in Storm”

  1. Wonderful!! This piece must be a real godsend to painters who visit that area, so many moods in which to capture the Fish and the sea

    1. So true, except on a day like this a canvas would soon get blown away! We hope that the Fish will inspire other artforms. It certainly attracts photographers – cameras are clicking around it every day. I am sure there is a poem there too. What about writing one?

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