Lion Being Washed

Granite 8x17x6ft 20.00 tons. Location: Now in St Andrew Square Garden.

The controversial 20 tonne Lion of Scotland granite sculpture that has been a landmark in Holyrood Park for the past four years moved on Sunday 25th April to St Andrew Square Garden in the city centre. In response to thousands of Lion supporters, Ronald Rae is delighted to tell them that the sculpture is staying in Edinburgh in the public arena only one mile from Holyrood! The Lion will be on exhibition in the Square initially for one year.

The above photo shows the Lion during its last few days at Holyrood Park being power-washed, courtesy of the City of Edinburgh Council SFC, to be in pristine condition for its new venue at St Andrew Square.

4 thoughts on “Lion Being Washed”

    1. Thank you for your comment. The granite for the Lion has been isotopically dated at 460 million years old by the Geological Survey Department of the University of Edinburgh. There is no doubt granite endures.

  1. Great action shot with the steam coming from the lance. The lion looks amazing back to original colour without all the dirt that had built up over the past four years. I hadn’t noticed how much dirt and grime there was on the sculpture until i started to wash it down.

    Steve Keenan from Specialist Services.

    1. You did a great job Steve, cleaning the Lion and we thank you for that. From the expression on the Lion’s face I think he enjoyed it too!

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