So you’re off – today’s the day the final big push

So you’re off – today’s the day the final big push
A young man’s game I hope you know what you’re doing
Spread your wings but watch out for those
Who would tear your wings from the skies
Watch out for the meaning that it be lost
The footfall watch out for where it falls
If nothing else keep the kindnesses our mother and father gave us
Mother selling her engagement ring to put bread on the table
Our father heading his prayers that they become real
The welcome when you come home keep thinking it
For that we’ll wait and we’ll see it through
For you my brother there will always be bread on the table
For the cost of a small artificial diamond
In our home tonight the overcoat of the dark will be lifted
My passionate impossible brother yours is our recovery
Way beyond from being a vigil this war of yours
Has every creak in the house waiting for your return

Ronald Rae

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