How can you go about your business

How can you go about your business
Knowing that you have murdered innocent children
Even with a torch shining in your face
How can you say that you are the animator of freedom
Your likeness why must you walk it over broken glass
With your cast iron certainty that it orchestrates hell on earth
Where do you go to find in the mirror
A face that justifies what you have done
Your conscience it must be like living inside a belt of bullets
If the rats are hungry and
You feed them with an army out of control
What can you expect surely nothing less
Than cruelty out of control
There may be a blue sky overhead
And a morning worth living for
But this is not what the weapon
Over your shoulder notices
Your own quote – Who dares deserves to live
And for that I pity you
For it is with the glue of dust and blood
If you have a soul that your soul is joined to you

Ronald Rae

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