Everything points to it the solution

Everything points to it the solution
It’s the last bridge standing and we have to cross it
Behind and in front a nation is on the move
Not that it’s a simple matter moving from one place to another
The movement of a nation en masse is a class act
There are in it variations as complicated as the workings of a clock
Working parts that defy logic
Whole amounts that despite inevitability
Are afraid of that inevitability
No wonder it crosses the mind is the bridge strong enough to support us
In search of a fate when migration is on the move
A goose feather would be enough to overload a tired back
Even so migration shall be remembered
And the bridge when we finally put a foot on it
Be seen as a blessing never to know what the bridge spans
In the way that consequence has a beginning and an end
I can only hope this bridge has ears and eyes
People are crossing it and not one of them looking back

Ronald Rae

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