Rae at Cramond

Ronald Rae Fish Sculpture On Cramond Beach

In April 2009 Ronald Rae’s 8 tonne fish was sited on the waterfront at Cramond, the result of a successful fund raising campaign by the local community entitled “Chip in for the Cramond Fish”.

The project was supported by the Cramond Community Council, the Cramond Association, the City of Edinburgh Council, Cramond Kirk, local businesses and, heart-warming for the sculptor, hundreds of donations from the local community.

The Cramond Fish carved in a pink Corrennie granite, is now a landmark on the beach. The varying tides and ever changing light on the sculpture add to its beauty with the backdrop of the Firth of Forth, Cramond Island and the hills of Fife on the horizon.

Ronald Rae has another smaller Fish sculpture carved in silver grey Kemnay granite sited in the meeting place of Cramond Kirk Halls. He donated this work to Cramond Kirk when they built their new Kirk Halls for the Millennium.

At present Ronald Rae is back in his yard behind Cramond Kirk where the local community can follow the birth of yet another sculpture – this time a Baby Elephant.

Visitors to this website can also follow its development. See videos on our Home page.

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