Ronald Rae-Sculptor of Granite by Laura White

Ronald Rae – Sculptor of Granite by Laura White

skilled with hand-tools you cut and hone
intrigued by local stone – a snare
feldspar granite – igneous stone

sunlit abyssal-quartz light pink stone
a stone fly’s wings shift flit and flare
adroit – with skill you cut and hone

mallet and chisels shape flesh and bone
place landmine victim’s lost void stare
feldspar granite – unyielding stone

widow woman pensive alone
wrinkles reflect sacrifice and care
life portrayed – determined you carve and hone

compelled to sculpt your fame is known
the dying elephant’s sigh we share
in feldspar granite – hard hard stone

crystal rocks from volcanoes thrown
now – boy with calf – horse – and wild bear
genius with tools you shape and hone
feldspar granite – the hardest stone

Bumblebee Press 2001

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