Stone Voices by Jim Hughes

Stone Voices – Jim Hughes

These stones will shout aloud,
More than pious sermons
or mute mumbles of apology.

Their voices cry with protest
at partitioned poverty and pain.
They groan with grief at solitude and loss,
and from the chisel strokes of steel on stone
they ring with resonance of hope
and love revealed.

Even as we remain silent,
these stones will shout aloud.

Jim Hughes

2 thoughts on “Stone Voices by Jim Hughes”

  1. I’m having a sculpture exhibition beginning on August 17 in San Francisco, California and would like to post the poem Stone Voices by Jim Hughes in the gallery for visitors to read. I think it expresses the right feeling about the sculpture. May I use the poem?
    Thank you, Barbara Chesnut

    1. Of course Barbara, use the poem. Sadly Jim Hughes is no longer with us but I know he would be honored. His widow Maggie was delighted to hear your email. Good luck with your exhibition. Ronald Rae and Pauline

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