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Holyrood Park Exhibition

Lion Of Scotland

Granite: 8x17x7 ft 20.00 tonnes. Location: St Andrew Square Garden, Edinburgh.  For Sale.  POA.

The Lion was carved from a twenty tonne boulder of pink Corrennie granite from Aberdeenshire.
It took over a year to complete using hand tools only. At present the sculpture is on loan to Essential Edinburgh and on exhibition in St Andrew Square Gardens in Edinburgh City Centre. If you would like to purchase this unique sculpture please contact pauline@ronaldrae.co.uk

The Lion is the traditional symbol both of power and of Scottish identity. The sculpture was first sited in Holyrood Park between the Royal Palace of Holyrood House and the Scottish Parliament, and beneath that other lion couchant, Arthur’s Seat. It moved to St Andrew Square, Edinburgh in 2010.

The Lion has been voted the best-loved sculpture in Edinburgh. One rarely passes it without seeing the public engage with it – either taking photos or climbing on it as children do. There is no doubt it is greatly loved. In 2008 a formal petition was drawn up by the Scottish Blue Badge Guides to keep the Lion at Holyrood, plus thousands of signatures from local people and visitors to the city who wanted the Lion to stay there, which resulted in a further two years stay for the sculpture on loan to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. However the contract ended in April 2010 and could not be extended.

Ronald Rae thanks all those who have supported the Lion of Scotland sculpture. He has been overwhelmed by the number of letters and emails he has received over the past ten years. He hopes that the sculpture will eventually be purchased for the city.

Holyrood Park

Sculptures on Exhibition at Holyrood Park

Twenty one of Ronald Rae’s sculptures were on exhibition at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh between May 2006 and April 2008.A commemorative catalogue of this exhibition was published.

The Lion of Scotland remained on exhibition at Holyrood, on loan to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body till April 2010. Thereafter it was moved to St. Andrew Square Gardens in the centre of Edinburgh where it is on loan to Essential Edinburgh. This magnificent sculpture is available for purchase.