Granite: 11x6x5ft 15.00 tons. Location: Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Gifted.


A spiritual work of Abraham looking heavenwards when God told him to stay his hand from sacrificing his son. This fine-grained granite was shipped over from the Gran-Quartz quarry in Georgia USA. Rae carved the sculpture in the hospital grounds much to the interest of the patients and staff. On completion he donated it to the hospital.

One thought on “Abraham”

  1. This image I came across when I was in despair from leaving my daughter in the Meadows Ward of the Royal Edinburgh. It was a beautiful clear, sunny day, beautyall around and so still.
    I sat in isolation on the seat and just stared at the huge, stone.
    I was welled up with sadness from a desperate situation of heartbreak for my daughter yet I was at peace looking at the stone.
    What did the sculpture mean?
    I then composed myself and stood up and walked around it and it was spiritual. It is a marvellous piece of work. It cries out with pain as I did and the torture of the soul. It wells up in me now with the emotion felt. A crying out. The pain is felt in Abrahams looking upwards.
    I took a photograph to remind of the moment and carry it with me.
    To have created that feeling in the granite can only be a spiritual piece.
    I still walk around with that torture myself and for my daughter in an abusive relationship.
    Thank you for Abraham found peace in trusting in God.

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