Gorilla Family arriving at Edinburgh Airport

Granite: Ht. 6ft x 7ft x 5ft. 7 tonnes. Location: The Falkirk Wheel after 3 months on the plaza at Edinburgh Airport.  For sale.

Gorilla Family and Baby Elephant were exhibited for the first time at the new plaza at Edinburgh Airport from August till November 2015.  The plaza links the East Terminal and the Tram Terminus. The tram goes to the city centre with a stop at St Andrew Square where visitors can see another Ronald Rae endangered species – the Lion. 

The Gorilla Family was carved from a 7 tonne granite boulder from Dalbeattie Quarry near Dumfries. The dark grey granite has been dated at 397 million years old. Ronald Rae is widely known for his powerful animal sculptures – the gorilla joins this group of seriously endangered species.
To see a video of the Gorilla Family and the Baby Elephant being moved to Edinburgh Airport go to Latest News on Video on the right margin. Also see three short videos of Ronald Rae carving the Gorilla Family.

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