Baby Elephant at Edinburgh Airport

Baby Elephant – granite: 5x5x4 ft 3.00 tonnes. Location: photo at the plaza at Edinburgh Airport – now at the West End of Edinburgh.  For Sale

Ronald Rae’s latest granite carvings of two endangered species a Baby Elephant and a Gorilla Family were exhibited for the first time on the plaza at Edinburgh Airport to welcome visitors to the Festival City from August till November 2015. To see a video of the sculptures being installed see Latest News on Video at right hand margin.

Ronald Rae said ” I am delighted to show these new works at Edinburgh Airport. I am particularly thrilled about the site for the Baby Elephant next to Africa on the world map on the plaza. It makes a powerful statement about the plight of elephants and all endangered species. What better place to think about these important conservation issues than at an airport which links us all.”

The Baby Elephant is carved from a three tonne boulder of pink Corrennie granite from Aberdeenshire. To see unique footage of the creation of the Baby Elephant go to the right margin at LATEST NEWS ON VIDEO scroll down to Ronald Rae returns to carving granite Parts One, Two, Three to its completion in Part Four.

The plaza links the East Terminal and the Tram Terminus. The tram goes to Edinburgh city centre with a stop at St Andrew Square where visitors can see another Ronald Rae endangered species – his 20 tonne Lion.

2 thoughts on “Baby Elephant at Edinburgh Airport”

  1. I think the sculpture is beautiful.Once you see the elephants in their own habitat ,you never want to go to a zoo again .Iwent to an animal hospital in Africa and it was an amazing experience .People have to learn that this planet is not just for them and to protect the animals/creatures to have balance.
    To encourage respect for nature and understand how it all works to make a better World .The children were playing in the streets and happy not engrosed in computers Their minds were eager to learn and to look out for each other .Like most countrys there is good and bad and I THINK we have lost a lot on our journey,
    I would love a sculpture like this,thank you for posting .Elephants never forget !

    1. Thank you Kirsty for your thought-provoking response. So glad you liked the Baby Elephant sculpture and good to hear from a like mind. We can learn so much from Nature. Hopefully this sculpture will remind people of this.

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