When I think of human tragedy

When I think of human tragedy on a scale
So overwhelming that it describes
Life insignificant to the event
When human cries go up and
Life sees itself dead and decaying in the sun
Its then that a charity comes to me
I can’t help thinking of the garden that survives
Birds are there and frogs in the grass
Flowers and bees they complement the scene
Because of fragility because of life here and not here
Never is the gate to this garden locked
Go through it and welcomes are everywhere
In this place when recovered tragedy uncovers its face
When the veil is lifted total recovery
Is a face as vulnerable and a body as weak as a new-born child’s
Moving there how many human hearts
Know also the blessing in that garden
The shade bringing us to who we are
Being in the garden and living the sun is also involved

Ronald Rae

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