What a reaction the accused condemned to death

What a reaction the accused condemned to death
And the accusers thinking it a good day’s work
What do they do they pass around a box of chocolates
In a steamy room chocolate is being licked from sticky fingers
In the mouth justice is being devoured
Hanging a man is like an exquisite soft centre a surprise
These are difficult times and quite properly
The time to be eating chocolates especially
When not wasted is our day of judgement
A decision to make us smile at our families
He who has tasted his last chocolate can be assured
After death he will still be passing them around
As for the condemned man let him taste your breath
The last chocolate if it is the last chocolate
I swear there’s not a man here will give it up for him
A good day then and sweetness all round
A man has been hung and an empty box of chocolates lies on the floor
Two homes and not a door to go through
Not one where you can burst into the room saying that you are sorry

Ronald Rae

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