Boy with Calf

Granite: 4x9x5ft. 5.00 tons. Location: The Falkirk Wheel. For Sale. Photo in the Queen’s Garden, Holyrood Park Exhibition.

Boy with Calf

A poetic and dynamic work of a boy leaning over a calf. On the other side of the stone he pulls a blanket up to his face, perhaps in remorse for the past. Rae does not plan his sculptures – he just carves what is within each stone. He says it is a mystery.

Carved in Creetown silver-grey granite which is 391 million years old.

Ronald Rae at The Falkirk Wheel

To see more footage of Ronald Rae with his sculptures at The Falkirk Wheel go to the right margin of this page and under Latest News on Video, click Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part One, Two and Three.

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