Mother and Child

Granite: 5x4x3ft 2.00 tons. Location – The Falkirk Wheel. For Sale.

Mother and Child

Carved in a beautiful pink granite from Corrennie quarry in Aberdeenshire the stone is 460 million years old. This gentle work epitomises motherhood, the mother bent over her child like a protective shield. It is interesting to note that when it rains the baby’s head doesn’t get wet.

This sculpture has been on private loan for the past two years. It is once again available.

Ronald Rae at The Falkirk Wheel

To see more footage of Ronald Rae with his sculptures at The Falkirk Wheel go to the right margin of this page and under Latest News on Video, click Ronald Rae at his Falkirk Wheel Exhibition Part One, Two and Three.

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