Standing in a circle is not going to stop the bombing

Standing in a circle is not going to stop the bombing
But if we catch each other in each other’s eyes
The circle we have made will overcome the night
A bombing raid is on the way and our circle is waiting to disarm it
Looking into each other’s eyes we know we can disarm it
In the net of our arms we know we can catch
The bombs and safely lower them to the ground
The bombs themselves come at us heads bowed
Their range is as close as a mother’s milk
It comes within our circle if the moment is our last moment
If one of us breaks down the others will release that person’s colours
Life in the flames can still be a home
In the room where it was thought no one could love
It puzzles us not at all this glimpse of the human list
If you can see it in your mind’s eye believe in it
That a circle of friends in proportion to all the world’s sad events
Has seen to it what amounts to the power of release
Without bowing a head but lifting a giant finger
Singing its important song the dove of peace
Is recovered and has never looked fitter

Ronald Rae

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