Young Bull

Granite: 6x7x4ft 3.00 tons. Location: Private collection, Peak District. Sold.

Young Bull

Carved in Dalbeattie granite, which is geologically a very interesting stone because of its varied colours, this work was inspired by cave art at Lascaux in France. The head is carved in deep relief whilst the body is etched on to the stone leaving much of the natural stone uncarved, allowing the stone to speak. Sited in a field with the cattle around it, is a perfect setting for this rugged work.

2 thoughts on “Young Bull”

  1. Hi Ronnie,
    Can we use an image of the young Bull as part of our exhibition entitled Auld Dalbeattie. This exhibition celebrates Dalbeattie’s old industries. I am carving some pieces using Dalbeattie kerb stones. I am in the process of bidding for a public art sculpture in Creetown.I am thinking of using a piece of St. Bees.We will pay homage to your piece on Iona in October.
    Peter and Rupinder

    1. I am honoured that you wish to include an image of my Young Bull sculpture in your Auld Dalbeattie exhibition. Your email has brought back memories – Dalbeattie granite is very beautiful with the most amazing colours. Good luck with the Creetown project.

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